Adding "Sticky Headers" to the Vaadin component library?


I’ve come across a navigation strategy used by YouTube (in your “Subscriptions” view) and on Bootstrap among others.

Apparently it’s called “Sticky Headers” and what it is is a navigation bar that anchors to the main navigation bar as you scroll. Please try it for yourself on

My question is if anyone could have an idea of if it would be possible implement it using Vaadin in its current form or if it could be a good idea to add it to the Vaadin component library?

What do you think of that?

Best regards

Vaadin doesn’t have built in. But it’s technically possible to do one yourself as a widget. This will require GWT programming, and admittedly, it probably will not be all too trivial to accomplish. But it’s definitely possible.

Just to give some implementation ideas: you might benefit from the source code of MenuBar (since it’s already a header bar, albeit with a slightly different function). Then you’d need a functionality to listen for the scroll position - this gets a bit trickier since there’s slight differences between how scrolling works in servlets and portlets (would you want to support both). And the last thing that you need are some anchor points that can be placed, which indicate which part of the page the browser currently is in.

Hi Henrik!

Sorry, I had totally forgot about this post… I must say that what the Vaadin forum has in content it lacks in functionality…

Your answer is intriguing, unfortunately I’ll probably not get any room any time soon to try and implement such a widget.
I have however in the application were developing thought at a number of occasions that such a feature would suite the situation pretty good.

Any ways, thank you!