Adding scrollbar to a subwindow

In my vaadin code I create a subwindow and when i open this subwindow there is no problem. But when i resize my mainwindow(when i make it smaller) my subwindow remains same.I cant see the downwards of my subwindow, there isn’t also scrollbar. I want to add scrollbar to it so when i make my mainwindow smaller i want to see whole content of my subwindow with a scrollbar.(I don’t know whether there is an other way than a scrollbar)

I tried so far:

  • adding my layout to a panel,
  • setting my subwindow size undefined and setting its content size full.

When I setSizeFull my subwindow it has scrollbars, so i can see whole content of it whether my main window’s is big or very small. But I don’t want full size subwindow. I want a solution without making its size full.

I’m stuck with this issue if you have any idea i would appreciate.

public class Awindow extends Window{
  public Awindow(...)
    VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout (
    new HorizontalTable(

Really interesting, I’d want to know it, too. I’m interested in knowing how to make a layout scrollable (horizontal and vertial for horizontal scroll and vertical scroll).

See my post:!/thread/10383018