Adding images with Vaadin and Liferay

Hi everybody!

I’m having some troubles trying to insert an image into my Vaadin-Liferay portlet using Embedded component.

I’m using Eclipse with the Vaadin plugin for creating Liferay portlet, With this I have created a new Liferay Project and added to this a new Liferay Vaadin Portlet.
Now i’m trying to insert into this portlet an image, and so long the best way to do this that I have found is the Embedded component, using ClassResource to access to the resource, as show in the
I have put my image into the project under path /docroot/images/myImage.jpg and tryed to add it in the portlet with the code:

Embedded  img = new Embedded ("", new ClassResource("myImage.jpg", this));

If I have understand correctly in this way the resource should be searched into all the project, but the thing doesn’t seems to work, even if you add a path to the image resource, such as: /images/myImage.jpg, ./images/myImage.jpg, etc.

Someone have suggestion or ideas to work out this problem?
I was also thinking to try tadding folders like a classic Vaadin project(/webcontent/VAADIN/themes/) and using ThemeResource instead of Classresource.

Let me know and thanks in advance.