Adding icons to Accordian Tab

Hi I have an accordian tab in which i dispaly a table of measurements. I want to add an icon to accordian tab at the right side of the Tab along with usual icon for accordian tab. i need to open a form on click of that icon which accepts new measurements.
How this can be achieved. The method for adding tabs does not provide any facility for this.

accordion.addTab(measurementsTable, “Mittaukset”
, icon1);

That is probably rather hard to accomplish. If you need an extra button only in the currently open Accordion tab, you might be able to do that with the
add-on using negative offset from the tab content area. Having such a button also in closed tabs would probably be really tricky if at all possible.

The less hacky approach is to make a custom widget that extends Accordion. It would probably be relatively easy to implement.