Adding close button to TabSheet caption


Nice framework. Sorry if I throw in questions already aswered.

I was playing around with itmill and I am currently trying to create eclipse like ui. Is there any way of adding close button to tab caption?

I know that by default you can define icon and string caption. But I would also like to render button in the right side of the caption that can be used to close the tab.


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I’m afraid that it is not possible to add close buttons to tabs in the current release of IT Mill Toolkit. This has, however, been a much requested feature and is currently a ticket in the product backlog
, which means that it probably will be implemented in a future release.

Apparently it had been assigned to be in the next release, but moved back out. Probably this was due to schedule restraints.

Sorry I couldn’t help you more than this…


Jonatan got it absolutely right. This has been asked for a number of times, so it’s likely to be quite high on the list of new things to implement, once we get into a cycle to implement new features (right now we’re pushing to get 5.3 out the door).

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Anything new on that issue?

Tried to move the ticket to V6 backlog:
Most probably RnD is so busy that they will postpone it back to general backlog - but at least we get comment on if this would be possible.

IMO the feature is important, but I also understand that there is not that much time left:

so vaadin 6.0 is codename for itmill6.0? is there any changelist available?

The foundation of the framework is the same as in IT Mill Toolkit 5.4 (to be released in few days). In addition to the name change, eclipse plugin and a new theme is included. Largest new feature, WYSIWYG editor, will be first released as a early-preview.

thats great! we were just discussing today about the lack of such editor, but on the other side after couple of hours working closely with layouts, they grow on you easily.

still useful feature nonetheless! can’t wait to see it.

What is the situation for tabsheet close button. Can it be expected in near future releases?

Artur Signell said, they wouldn’t make it into Vaadin 6.0 as there wasn’t enough time. I think you have to wait at least until 6.2, which could come out in around 2 months (rough estimate).

But it’s not yet scheduled to it.

I really, really hope this is released soon.

Here is what I have done here as an ugly workaround:

Does somebody suggest a better approach?

Thanks in advance.