Adding a layered div and locking it into a position.

I want to add a button to the lower right corner of the screen. im working with the layout controls now and sorta got it working, , but the issue is that my help button is 40px high but i only want my footer 25px high.

In other frameworks, i would solve this by simply creating a floating div and configure it to be on top of everything. then using javascript, lock it into the lower right corner of the screen, that way its always there and sits on top of any and all components that scroll under the layered div.

The “pro support” button on this page is similar, just imagine it locked to the bottom right corner and a button instead of a link. how do i do that?

I am also new to vaadin But May be this can help you

Use custom Css rule e.g
z-index : 10001;
position: fixed;
/and whatever the properties you want/

and use it as
Button my=new Button();

and css class should be in custom theme.