Adding a java.awt.Frame to a VerticalLayout

I’m working on a vaadin page, but one of the elements I want to put in my VerticalLayout is a java.awt.Frame. Is there a way to do this in vaadin?

No, there is not.

AWT is a graphics subsystem meant to run on a client computer running the Java Virtual Machine. Vaadin, on the other hand, runs a headless (that is, no graphical output) Java server application, that clients connect to using their browsers (which run JavaScript, which again has nothing to do with Java).
Vaadin’s widgets exist as server-side ‘descriptors’ - pure data constructs, and client-side representations (bits of HTML and JavaScript), which are connected using a rather complicated communications system. Thus, the layouting system can only ever be concerned with handling widgets especially made for it.

That said, we CAN help you figure out what kind of components or Vaadin extensions it is you want if you describe your design a bit.
For example, if you wanted the Frame to display a floating window in the page, use Vaadin’s Window object (see

Hope this helped.