addGeneratedColumn in TreeTable

I would like to use addGeneratedColumn(…) for the Hierarchy column in TreeTable.

When I do, I lose the indentation and the new Label() shows up Below the expand/collapses icon. Formatting it through formatPropertyValue(…) works and everything looks fine BUT I want to add setDescription() AND have a line break for each row.

What’s the best way to do this?

Vaadin 6.6.3
TreeTable 1.2.2


I think you’ll have to use CSS for this.

I posted it in the Vaadin Trac and got a response that this works with Vaadin 6.7 and the soon to be integrated TreeTable.

That’s good news and I’ll wait for the 6.7 version to be released.


If you want, you can already try out the
Vaadin 6.7 nightly builds