addFavIcon() is not working

I have an icon image in the resources directory of spring boot application. Then, I used AppShellConfigurator to specify the favicon for the application.

public class Application implements AppShellConfigurator {

    public void configurePage(AppShellSettings settings) {
            settings.addFavIcon("icon", "keepvideo.ico", "192x192");

   public static void main(String[] args) {, args);


But it has no effect and default vaadin icon is displayed. Even tried from different browsers (just in case if it is browser cache issue) without luck.

I had a similar issue a year back. There it was related to using the @PWA annotation on the main layout class.

Thank you. I commented out the @PWA annotation and the default vaadin favicon went away.
However, I don’t see any favicons now. Let me check it further.

It worked finally after placing the favicon in the right directory as per this documentation: