Add Vaadin components with GWT components in custom components(Widgets).


I went through the Vaadin book to develop custom component like Color Picker.
In the Color Picker example it use only GWT componets.
But I want know, how to use Vaadin components with GWT components?
As a example I want to add Toolbar Vaadin component which is created in plain vaadin to GWT component say for color picker.



The client-side (GWT widget) of a Vaadin Component is usually called VSomething, for instance the client-side of TextField is called VTextField. In theory you could use these client-side widgets in client-side compositions, but unfortunately most core components can not easily be used in this way - they expect to be updated using UIDL (updateFromUIDL()) and do not have a proper API on the client-side.
This is something we hope to improve in the future, and some new components (especially add-ons from the Directory) already have a proper API on the client-side and are built so that you can use the client-side widget in compositions.

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