Add text boxes to OptionGroup?

I’m working on a survey application.

Some answers to a given survey question permit free text to be entered.

In HTML, I accomplished this with a radio button and a text field. I programmatically enabled or disabled the text field when the radio button was selected or unselected, and was able to link the value of a given text field to the radio button next to it.

In Vaadin, of course, radio buttons are not distinct components (sadness). Instead I have to work with OptionGroups.

Is there a way, perhaps using some fancy Layout tricks, to line up some text fields with their OptionGroup items?

That is, suppose I have an option group with four items, like this:


Is there a way to put a text box “next” to OptionGroup item numbers 2 and 4, like this:

2 text
4 text

…? I’d prefer not to hack the GWT side and would like to stay on the server side if possible.