Add-ons search directory layout

Hi. I would like to display data the same way as the Vaadin Add-on search directory, in a tiled fashion instead of the traditional table.

Any advise on the best way to achieve this ?

Thanks in advance.

Gonçalo Trindade

The way this is done in the directory is with a CssLayout for the tiling part, containing suitable CustomComponents (consisting of CssLayouts and other components). This is rather fast - especially if certain sizes are fixed - and would allow implementations where the number of columns scales based on the width of the layout.

An alternative approach would be using a GridLayout for the tiling part.

A suitable subclass of the layout or wrapper for it could handle adding and removing components in it etc. based on some other API.

Thanks for the quick response Henri.

I will try both approaches.


Gonçalo Trindade