Add-on types: how to determine

Howdy, currently I’m working on the creation of an Add-on but it has roots in: UI (custom abstract components), Data Model (the addon will persist generated data), Tool: developers interested in the general area of application the add-on covers will hopefully have a leg-up using the addon.

The question then is how to decide what or which type of Addon category the addon satisfies best? UI, data or tool?

Do addons exist that satisfy all 3 conditions as an example?

Currently you have to choose one category, maybe tools or miscellaneous would be suitable for you. I’m not so sure that the category matters that much, rather a good short description + including the appropriate keywords in teh description for those searching for an add-on. I chose “Miscellaneous” for my appfoundation add-on, which also contains view management, data handling, localization etc.