Add new generated column ordered first


In an existing table I want to add an additional generated column and I would like it to be placed first/outer-left of all the columns in the table.

I don’t know how to achieve this. Is there a way to index the column when it’s added or is there a way to re-order it programmatically once it’s added?

Thankful for any help!


I don’t know offhand if this will fix the problem, but have you tried calling table.setVisibleColumns() after you add the generated table?

section 5.14.5 of the Book of Vaadin
for more info.


I posted this on Stack Overflow as well and someone posted this as the answer, worked out well for me:

What you should do is to set your

table.setVisibleColumns(your sorted order of columns)

and also


it might be good to throw in a force of relaoding the datasource so