Add image database to a table

I’m trying to add a picture (coming from the database) to a table, but I’m not getting.
I’ve watched a few posts here but have not been very useful to me.
Below is the code.

        private Table table1 = new Table();
	private BaseContainer container;
	protected void initializeComponents() {
		//creates a table and sets its columns:
		table1 .setSizeFull();
		table1 .setStyleName(Runo.TABLE_SMALL);
		table1 .setImmediate(true);
		table1 .setSelectable(false);
		table1 .setColumnReorderingAllowed(false);
		table1 .setSelectable(true);

		//configures contanier
		container = new BaseContainer(table1.class);

		table1 .setContainerDataSource(container);
		table1 .setVisibleColumns(new Object[]{"name","image"});
		table1 .setColumnHeaders(new String[]{"Name","Image"});
		//adds the layout

Class fields

	private byte[] image;

        @Column(name = "NAME")
         private String name;