Add Div element to layout


I have a requirement to integrate a third party application with vaadin application. It works in such a way that I will have to send request to the third party server and it will send me a div element (which is recognized by browser to display properly). Now I need to add that “div” directly to my layout without vaadin wrapping it with any other div elements. Is there a way to do it in Vaadin 7? Any help is appreciated.


Hi, you could probably do this using a simple Extension that directly manipulates the DOM on the client, or maybe even directly from the server side using JavaScript.execute(). You should probably use CssLayout to prevent issues with Vaadin layout calculations.

Thanks for your reply.
Actually I know this can be done by executing a javascript on the client side from the vaadi server side. I was looking for a simpler way of doing it.
Does Vaadin has a specific extension for DOM manipulation or I can use any extension that solves my purpose?

Actually it so happens that the experimental Vaadin Labs project
can do exactly what you want - give a server-side access to the DOM structure of a component (see eg. the “HTML 5 inputs” example.)