Add Component so several Views

Hi everybody,

is there a way to add a component to severals views?

I´m using the Switch Addon (!addon/switch) and i want to add a button to all of my views.
And if i set the button to “on” and change the view, the switch should change to “on”.

Thank you

One component can only exist at one place at a time. So if you need a Switch on every view, then you have to create an instance of it separately for every view. You could then notify all the other switches the change it state, if they should all be in the same state at all moments in time.

If you truly have it on all views, or even many, consider taking the Switch outside the view and put it in some part which does not change on view changes. For example if you have some menu which doesn’t get re-rendered on a viewchange, then that would be a good place.