add component in RTL language

hi all
my language is RTL (persian).
i correct almost of component with css.
but when i add a component in horizontal layout , components add with left to right order, because of this , i must arange component reverse in code to correct in view in my language (RTL).
how i can correct this problem?

Vaadin doesn’t have any particular support for RTL languages. Many components can be used with some CSS, for example Button, TextField, Label, Panel, Window, Accordion, etc. Some other components, such as Tree, OptionGroup, TabSheet, and ComboBox can be hard.

For the HorizontalLayout problem, you can either 1) make a LocaleSensitiveHorizontalLayout (or something with a shorter name) that extends HL, or 2) use a separate locale-sensitive manager class to add components to such layouts. See for example
this example

If you’re a Pro Account subscriber, please see article
#67: Are right-to-left (RTL) languages such as Arabic and Hebrew supported?
for more details.