Add a Label as a Column to a Table


I added a label to a column of the table. My codes are similar to the following:

public class NameColumn extends FlexHorizontalLayout {
	public NameColumn(){
		Label label=new Label();
		String value= FontAwesome.FILE_PDF_O.getHtml();
		String name="test.pdf";
		label.setValue(value+" "+name);


getTable().addGenereatedColumn("name",((source, itemId, columnId) -> {
	return new NameColumn();

But when I double click the label in the table I can’t catch the table’s click event. How can I solve it.

Thanks in advance! Best Regards.

Maybe you’d like to try this workaround provided in a related ticket:

That’s not exactly what I want. When I double-click on the table, I want it to behave as if there was no Label.