aceeditor addon and vaadin 7.5

I am not sure this is a bug or I am not doing something correctly…

I am using the maven archetype. Vaadin version is 7.5. I have added the dependency in my project like this:


During maven install, all other widgetsets like e.g vaadin-charts are found in classpath. But aceeditor widgetset is never found. i.e. in my console log, “[INFO]
Widgetsets found from class path:” does not list aceeditor widgetset. Hence, my generated widgets.gwt.xml does not contain a definition for aceeditor and I cannot use aceeditor in my project.

Note: I do have the aceeditor-0.8.13.jar maven plugin present in my maven dependencies. I can reference AceEditor class in my IDE. So no typos when I put in the aceeditor dependency

What could be the problem here… Any help to debug my problem will be appreciated. I have tried mvn clean, mvn compile, mvn install multiple times.