Accordion without selectedTab

Hey !
I will to show an accordion without an selectedTab at the first call.
I have set selectedTab(null), but my first defined tab will open every time at first!
Have you a solution?



The Accordion always has a tab open, so if you don’t set some other tab as open, the first one is opened automatically.

What content would you display in the content area if no tabs are open? And what should the last tab look like, so that it looks different from the situation when it is actually open?

One solution would be to have the content area collapse vertically, so that the height of the accordion changes.

You could also check if the
Drawer add-on
lets you do what you want.


No tabs should be open like Drawer add-on. I will show only the tab caption.

I think I rebuild my application with the Drawer add-on

I will rebuild my application with the Drawer add-on.