Accordion with multiple tabs open


Is there a way to use a sort of accordion component which will be able to have all of its tabs open at a time ? For the moment the Accordion object allow us to open only a tab at a time.


The current implementation doesn’t allow such behavior. You will need to extend the Accordion to make it happen, both server and client-side counterparts (Accordion and VAccordion).

Is this still the case? I’ve checked the api and it doesn’t seem to be allowed. What methods would I be overwriting to allow for this behavior.


I don’t think this is possible with the current implementation as some of the key methods are private (and should be until a cleaner internal API is designed). You would at least need to copy the client side class VAccordion and modify all handling of openTab to support multiple open tabs. Then subclass Accordion with nothing but a new @ClientWidget(VMyAccordion) annotation.

You could also consider using the
Drawer add-on

Hello @Jouni Koivuviita & @Henri Sara,
Would we expect some pattern to implement opening of multiple tabs in Accordioin?
However, isn’t there any simpler process than modifying the structure of client-side

There is an add-on in the Vaadin Directory that you could consider using:!addon/stackpanel-extension-for-vaadin

It’s basically an accordion type component container, but has support for having multiple sections open at the same time.