Accessing value of a bound field

I have a form and all the fields in it are bound to a BeanFieldGroup.
This BeanFieldGroup is used to get all the data in the form’s fields and insert them to an entity bean’s properties, thus
inserting them to a database ie. a Person’s name, age, gender etc.

I would need to access the value of one of those fields however, before committing and saving it to the database. I have a jsoup-sanitizer for one RichTextArea and I’d like to pass the value of that certain field to my “sanitizer method” before the value is committed and saved to the database via the bean of which property it is bound to.

Should I somehow bind all the other fields normally as I have done so far, and make a separate setter-getter pattern for this one particular field or is there a way to keep my bind-all-fields-of-the-form pattern and somehow access the data of this one particular field before it is committed with the rest of the BeanFieldGroup?

Thank you.

If your fields are buffered, you can
to your field group.