Accessing Oracle DB for newbie

Hi people,

i’m just learning java+vaadin and got my first UI form ready.
Now i want to fill it with data from my Oracle DB.

I read about SQL-Container and tried an example, but problem is:

i get ‘resolve-errors’ concerning JDBC-references like “SimpleJDBCConnectionPool”

What do i have to ‘import’ to get rid of these problems ?



do you have
in your classpath?


I copied vaadin-sqlcontainer-1.0.0.jar to … /workspace//WebContent/WEB-INF/lib

not OK, or not enough ?


To be precise:

I didn’t just copy the jar-file via file-explorer, but ‘imported’ it into vaadin like shown in the addon-demo on the vaadin website.

Then i copied this from a demo to my project:

public class DatabaseHelper {
    private JDBCConnectionPool connectionPool = null;
    public DatabaseHelper() {
    private void initConnectionPool() {
      	try {
          	connectionPool = new SimpleJDBCConnectionPool(
                  	"jdbc:hsqldb:mem:sqlcontainer", "SA", "", 2, 5);
      	} catch (SQLException e) {

and get:

JDBCConnectionPool cannot be resolved to a type
SimpleJDBCConnectionPool cannot be resolved to a type

What step did i miss ?


As i couldn’t figure out the errors i got while trying to connect,
i used DriverManager.getConnection directly, which worked.

Unfortunately the following SQL-Container-Calls crashed my app,
so i decided to drop this approach and now use java.sql.

It’s more work to do, but my app is running.

Hi there,

Here is some extra information concerning the SQL-Container. As far as I read it’s still in experimental fase. But it might help you clearing things out.