Accessibility and Vaadin

Accessibility every now and then pops up in different projects (something which this forum’s editor apparently hasn’t heard of!!!:angry:) and especially governments are obliged to ensure accessibility to all people - and for a good reason.

Although this is a roadblock for many, you seldom see web frameworks looking at accessibility and to be honest it is not an easy task that technology alone can solve. We would definitely need a clear standard that both device manufacturers (screen readers, braille keyboards, etc) and application frameworks could follow and W3C is trying to do this. At least one thing is certain so far; we haven’t come very far. And I doubt we ever will have accessibility through checklists or technology alone; developers and designers need to be aware of it in order for something to be accessible in the same way as usable applications are currently designed.

Technology can however be an enabler and it shouldn’t make any obstacles for you and as such I think all of us at Vaadin would like to make Vaadin the best (and first?) accessibility enhancing framework. There is still a way to go, but as far as we’ve come with keyboard bindings and real RIA accessibility we are quite far already. Please see the wiki below, give your thoughts and feedback. How much should a framework do? What is accessibility? What input devices do you have experience with? What do you see as the biggest blocker?