Access grid column width after autocalculation

Hi, simple tree grid scenario:

  1. Tree grid has N columns without width set
  2. Tree grid columns has equal width depending on current content
  3. One of node is being expanded, one cell has much longer value
  4. Expanded nodes are stored in view state
  5. … going to other view …
  6. Going back tree grid view with expanded nodes based on stored state
  7. Columns got different width - one with longer content is much wider

Expected behavior by client - have to look the same as first impression.

After automatically setting width there is no columnResize event and all columns have 0 width on model.

How can I access grid column widths that where automatically calculated?

I assume your question is about Vaadin 8 Grid. Yes, there is no built in method in framework this.

However there is an GridScrollExtension add-on available in our Directory that has method to get actual widths of the columns