AbstractSingleComponentContainer.java indirectly referenced.


Version 1.0.0 seems incompatible with vaadin 6.

When using the Toolbox class, the build is failing because com.vaadin.ui.AbstractSingleComponentContainer is indirectly referenced from the Toolbox class (it actually extends it).

Whats the latest working version for vaadin 6?

When clicking “Available for 6” on https://vaadin.com/directory#addon/toolbox download gives 0.2.0. But in comments I see hints about 0.3.0. Are there remaining bugfixes in 0.3.0?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, Andreas.
It seems that Johan doesn’t read this becase I didn’t accept answer for my question.
About you problem I can say just that 0.3.0 version is the last compatible with Vaadin 6. The 1.0 version is only for Vaadin 7.


Version 1.0.0 is not supported by Vaadin 6. Anyways, version 1.0.0 has no extra features added compared to version 0.3.0, it’s just a rewrite to fit Vaadin 7. I also saw there was a problem clicking on “Available for 6”, which only showed version 0.2.0. I changed that now, so default is 0.3.0