AbstractField: change the required error style


I have a view with lots of Fields, all of them required and empty when creating a new dataset. All get red and this doesn’t look very nice. I want to change it so only one message is displayed saying something like “There are empty fields, fill in some data”.

is there a way to change the built-in required error style of AbstractField to something else?

Thank you for your help!

You can hide the required indicators using a bit of CSS:

.v-required-field-indicator { display: none; }

(you might want to restrict the selector to only apply to fields in that view)

Thanks, but this doesn’t help me much.
Have any others an idea, maybe a way how to “hack into” the framework using e.g. JavaScript?

Well, I don’t see a need to “hack” anything - if you want a message that reads “All the fields are required”, just put a Label in your form.