AbsoluteLayout in a VerticalLayout


It is possible attach a AbsoluteLayout to a VerticalLayout? I can’t do that .

    absolute = new AbsoluteLayout();
    absolute.setCaption("Testing Absolute");
        add components to AbsoluteLayout

    //Adding to verticalLayout

The AbsoluteLayout is not showing… But if I get the number of components (absolute.getComponentCount()) It has all components that I have added.

Any idea?


Hi Nicolas,

adding an AbsoluteLayout to another Layout normally works fine. I’m not sure about the sizes you are using. Could you try out an absolue height like 500 pixels?
Is your currentBody sized enough?

Hi Wolfgang!

Yes, it is,at least I think so… currentBody is setSizeFull().

And right now i have tried with fixed pixels and It does not show

I don’t understand why… =(

Thanks… I keep trying

Just share the answer to the problem.
Wolfgang is right! All my Layout components are setSizeFull but when I use fixed pixel it works!

I would use setSizeFull and that’s all … but look for ways to achieve this in a easy way and not use fixed pixels