about vaadin-archetype-clean 7.x

Hi Team,

Currently, vaadin-archetype-clean 7.x is not available, and whether having a plan to support 7.x, eg. 7.0.2?

–Tang Yong

Currently, only vaadin-archetype-application exists for Vaadin 7. It should be fairly simple to remove the extra parts from the generated project to get a clean project, though, or just comment out the sections of the POM you don’t need now but might need later.

There have been several requests for an add-on archetype for Vaadin 7 and some people have written prototypes of such but they still need some work, and the application archetype could also use some improvements. I hope we’ll find time to make such changes.

Personally, I believe the application and add-on archetypes (with some improvements and comments on how to customize the generated project) could cover the majority of use cases. After they are in a good shape, it would be easier to see what cases are not covered and if more archetypes would be needed.

Thanks Henri very much! and I have found and used vaadin-archetype-application . The same excellent plugin!