About reminder function of calendar addon

Calendar addon is so cool.I wonder how can I implement the function of reminding bofore my events.Is anyone who would like to give some advice to me?
-_-Thank you!

Basic outline that comes to my mind what is needed:

  • Some continues thread running on the server checking all the events when they occur and if they have a reminder set. I guess this would need to be running on the same servlet as the Vaadin apps, so it can make a connection to them (some form of interprocess communication is needed).
  • When the reminder comes, show some alert dialog in the client (create a new sub-window and add that to the main window). Some push mechanism would probably be needed, like the ICEPush add-on, to send these changes to the correct client(s).

Jouni,thank you!

Step one,create a new thread
Step two,in the new thread I intend to use a while(1) to listen event’s come
Am I right?