About Extending components in Vaadin 7.


I put the resetbuttonfortextfield-1.1.1.jar into my vaadin7 project, and run “compile Widgetset” in eclipse, the compile console output the info below :

Then, I run the demo code, but there is no reset button for text field when I input into text field. Any idea for this?

Best Regards Visiting ResetButtonForTextFieldConnector with ConnectorInitVisitor ResetButtonForTextFieldConnector will be in the eager bundle

Could you check (using DOM inspector) that a div with class [font=courier new]
appears after the input element when you’ve typed some text? If it does, then this is most likely a CSS problem and therefor you’d check if the styles.css of reset button is loaded properly.

Anyway, what version of Vaadin 7 are you using? I haven’t updated it for a while and therefore there is small possibility that it doesn’t work as expected with, for example, Vaadin 7.1.10. If that’s the case, I guess I’ll have to make a new release which fixes the issue.