Abort file Upload doesn't stop transfer

I am using Upload on Vaadin 6.5.6 with Chrome and noted that even though I give back an error on Upload and call Upload.interruptUpload(), the actual data transfer still takes place. I can see this because Chrome has a busy cursor and shows the upload progress in the lower left corner.

It’s harder to tell in FF 3.6, but I think it continues there, too. In FireBug, I can see the upload going, and I see a response to the file upload POST, but it doesn’t show as clear a progress indicator to note if it actually ends before sending it all or not.

It seems if I do it enough times I can even crash Chrome or cause a communications error in FF.

Even though the file upload has aborted, I can click the Upload and select another file, but it doesn’t appear to succeed until the aborted file upload completes.

Does this make sense?

The Cancel button in the Sampler
Upload demo
seems to work for me at least in Chrome 10 and FF4. Do you experience the problem in that example?

Well, in Chrome the busy pointer style stays some 10-20 seconds after the cancel is done, which should not be so. I think that alone gives reason to file a ticket, even though it’s not a very serious problem.

Ok, and in FF4 the upload connection seems to stay open some 10 seconds after the cancel. The problem shows in Firebug. It’s rather invisible, so it might not be a problem, but it could have some implications.

Well, “serious” it isn’t, but it shows that you are not actually canceling anything. The file upload proceeds despite the cancel until it’s complete. Just get a really big file and you see this with the Sample on FF, IE and Chrome.

While that would just be “less good,” the real problem is that the Upload button will reappear, but just select a small file after the big upload is canceled, and you will see that the small file is not upload/received.

I do this with a 100MB video followed by a two line text file. I upload the big one, click cancel, then upload the small one. The small one never arrives. You have to wait until the browser is done with the “canceled upload” before it will recognize the new request to upload.

Ok, that sounds bad. Can you please file a ticket?

Ticket #6881 (my first ticket, so be gentle with my report since I’m plenty busy with my own bugs :))

Unfortunately we’re experiencing the same issue while interrupting upload of large files > 250 MB.
Has anyone an idea if there should be another ticket created for this?

Vaadin version in use is 6.8.4

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I see that ticket 6881 was fixed, but running Vaadin 7.0, I still see a similar issue. When I interrupt an upload (even with a file as small as a few MB), the finished and failed events fire, but the browser still shows the file is uploading. If I try to fire a new upload using the same button, I get an Internal Error and then I am redirected to a blank page that just says “Download handled.” Any ideas on a solution for this or has anyone else seen this issue?