A vaadin window called APP


I noticed that the embedded component seems to make calls to a Vaadin window named “APP” (Well it used that form of URL, whether it is actually a Vaadin window or not I don’t know). I have a multi tab application and it uses the URL to create a window a window with the given name in the URL. If I create one using the APP name, then it seems to have strange issues, null pointer exceptions and concurrent modification exceptions.

Should I be checking in my “getWindow” method that if it is named APP then just pass it straight back to VAADIN and do nothing else? At the moment I create a window with that name, then set up a layout on it and then pass it back…

Is there actually a window call APP? or is it a special URL used?

Thanks, Ryan

/APP is a special URL that is used to handle e.g. ApplicationResource requests. While there are some checks to prevent such URLs from messing up Application.getWindow, they are apparently not fully effective in all cases. I created
for this issue.