a simple question

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently faced a problem.
Why in this code the Label doesn’t fill the panel with carriage return?

Panel panel = new Panel();
Label label = new Label("a long text on one line : azerty azerty azerty azerty aery azerty azerty");



Thank you in advance


I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly. So you want the text to break into multiple lines within the panel? I just tried that and it seems to work (see attachment).



Tnahk you for your response,

Yes, you understand correctly. Maybe my English is not good enough (I’m French).

This is exactly what I want. Is my code good?


yes, I tried out your code and the result is in the attachment in my last post. Does it not work for you? If not, what happens?


I will try at the end of the afternoon and tell you.
Thank you!

My mistake was so stupid that I can’t tell you :).
Thank you for your help !!