A 'replacement' for Vaadin Designer

dear guys,

I have decided to make screen designer or vaadin utilizing drag and drop, xml (clara) export and groovy language… still thinking about making ‘all’ of Vaadin visual development in web environment


Jakarta. Indonesia

Open source?
Lets go

I have no need for vaadin visual designer anymore. I have some utility libraries :wink:
And what is more, now I prefer to use code to build interfaces instead of visual designers… it’s sooo little work now…


//codigosAsociadoFilter and ciFilter are TextField’s
// dele, mode, newe are Button’s
// table is a Table
// and val is from loombook, without it I would use HorizontalLayout instead of val
static import net.hdavid.daddon.L.*; // y can do something like
val buttons = ho(_FULL_WIDTH, Alignment.BOTTOM_RIGHT, codigoAsociadoFilter, ciFilter, 1, _EXPAND, dele, mode, newe);
ve(this, _FULL_SIZE, _MARGIN, buttons, table, _EXPAND);
[/code]and produce something like the attached image
I wll try to opensource this soon


yeah me too …
i have the same idea before and already start reading about ( EMF ) , WSiWYG … etc . i think i can help.

for productivity Visual Designer still the best solution . for example when i’m coding Vaadin UI, Swing, SWT or GWT. I flow
these roles :
// imports …
class clasName{
//static block
//initialize root & other components
private void initRoot(){ /* root configrations */ }
private void initComponents{ /*initialize childs */}

private Button btnName;
/* another one flow other roles and onther so on . the visual designer flow it’s roles
i don’t know how or even if someone he could but i wish if we build Visual Designer let the Developer write his roles.
like what is his class structure, and where the designer can generate variables and naming … so on.
realy good idea … i wish if i can help.
what i want to say is you are not coding for your self , if we have i convetation we will be fine.
sorry i can’t explain what i want ( My poor Language ), that killing me.

Pssst. Vaadin will be releasing a completely new visual designer soon. This is based on new declarative format built into Vaadin 7.4. A developer preview should be out in early January.

But the above is super-secret. Do not tell anyone ;)

realy ?

this is great news.
i promise we wont,Vaadin still surprise me.

after “Joonas Lehtinen” replay.
i think i will wait.
what you say “Abiel Hakeem” ?

There is one thing to consider though. The new “Vaadin Designer” will be a commercial, but should be easily worth the price.

ooh no, it’s n’t about pricing, there is somones like me can’t pay from internet, I’m From Sudan and i can’t pay for buying anything ( The US Law ) . i wish if vaadin accept cashU or bitcoin so we can join the paid traning and other services.

There should be no problem, Vaadin is European company.

Okay… I will start a github project… just wait…dont tell anyone
feel free to play with the code.


my bos is staring at me.

Dear Joonas, please update also the Table component, we need merged table headers, or at least give us clue how to do it.

The actual Table Component won’t get any big update as far as i know.
…but good news are that they are working on an entirely new component called Grid which is essentially a Table component which supposedly is better to extend, performes better and will just generally be less of a code-mess as opposed to the old Table component which was around since the beginnings of Vaadin.
Have a look at the Roadmap (especially 7.4):

There are even snapshot releases out so can test the current state of the component.
To do merged headers with the current version you could try using “Fake Hears” (Just google for “Vaadin Fake Headers” there should be a Book of Vaadin example for it). You aren’t able to change the column widths though when using fake headers.

Even better news is that Grid component is finally almost there. And it has merged headers (among many other features).

You can use it today: Index of /download/nightly/7.4/7.4.0.SNAPSHOT-169-5223f3c81383b18fd58cb76b286f05d73d7a2b26/

And we should have a beta really really soon now (any day now).

I got it. But when i build it in IntelliJ i get Error:(15, 8) java: cannot access org.json.JSONException
class file for org.json.JSONException not found. Can you help me?

have you include Vaadin 7.3 library in your project? … I have update it last night and make sure you compile the widgetset