a Monte Carlo simulator built using Vaadin

Hello guys

I’ve recently built an application for which Vaadin was a perfect fit:

A Monte Carlo simulator needs to be stateful, to hold in memory the results of thousands of simulation runs, and related statistics. Also java’s probability libraries are much more mature than javascript’s which was a big plus.

Design is not quite my strength, so any feedback will be appreciated.

Check it out at:


I’m hosting in on a tiny scaleway C1 (a 1.2 Ghz ARM CPU), and am still trying to figure out hot to stress test a Vaadin app. I I’ve used JMeter before, but it doesn’t seem to work on Vaadin apps. Any suggestions on how to load test will be appreciated too.

Looks good! As for load testing, you might want to try Gatling. There’s an add-on by Johannes Tuikkala that’s made to ease that:

It’s still pretty experimental, but it’s at least a pretty good starting point. Check the GitHub page of the add-on for some more information:

Hope this helps,

Good work! +1 :smiley:

Thank you! I didn’t know about that add-on, I’m gonna try it!