A Form with different layout

Hi. This is CarloSlva, from Brazil. I´m new in Vaadim and I need a Form with six columns and seven lines. In each he has six components. In line three, he has two components (combobox and label). E in line five, has four components (two textfields and two labels). I know that I need to use formlayout. But sincerely, my knowledge was insufficient.
Already I looked code examples and I did not find.
Somebody can help me?
Thanks and one I hug


You don’t need to use FormLayout in Form. Any layout will do. Form has kind of built-in support for CustomLayout so that it adds fields to CustomLayout “slots” according to their property identifiers.

If you want complete freedom for you form designs, I’d suggest to try FormBinder add-on:



Debtor for the reply.
I saw formBinder and liked.
But I opted to formGrid.
One I hug