A Couple More Questions

  1. I can’t find any reference to a mobile device strategy in any of your marketing material. It’s not a deal-breaker for us, but many of the RIA frameworks have at least a story to tell. Comments?

  2. Your comparison table did not include ZK. Anyone care to compare and contract ZK and Vaadin (not ZK’s XML approach, but their pure java technique)?

Mobile devices does not play a large part currently. That said - there is interesting work going on.

  1. Technically Vaadin works with modern mobile browsers. There is up-to-date study about the usability and minor visual issues in various components on webkit -based mobile browsers
  2. A native-looking navigation components for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are in the making. A demo of work in progress can be seen here
    . (For most native looking results, try the demo in one of the mentioned devices and save the bookmark to home screen).

We really should add a ZK column. If anyone is willing to contribute the data, please respond to this message and we’ll add the column.

I renamed the project recently, so the demo is now located at
. It’s still very much a work in progress, so most components are not shown correctly at the moment. I’m updating the preview as I work, so if you’re interested you can check back from time to time on progress.

Moved ZK comparison to another thread.


The message is still "The requested host is not available at the moment "

The demo has since moved from Marcus’ personal playground to the official site. The link to the up to date demo can be found in the Directory entry for TouchKit:
(see “Related Links” section in the right side panel).