a complete web application: vaadin+ejb3+hibernate

i did an interface with vaadin (with create a vaadin project).
Now, i want to add the business logic with EJB3 and the persistance with hibernate. How to do that??
I’m using eclipse Indigo, apache tomcat, vaadin.
For the database, i will use Mysql.
Please, help me: I want to know how to include ejb3 with my vaadin project ??

Does anybody know how to do that??? i changed apache by jboss because i need an ejb container but how to integrate ejb with my vaadin project???

There are several ways you can include EJBs with your app. My favorite (I think it’s simplest), is extend the Vaadin servlet and inject EJBs into it. Then pass them to the constructor of your Vaadin application class. (The EJB you get is really a wrapper, not an actual EJB, so it’s ok to share it, serialize it, etc).

Here’s a recent app I did that uses Vaadin, EJB, and JPA:


These blogs of mine are kinda old so that screencasts and stuff are lost, but the code should still be fine:



I’m using JPA and not Hibernate in the above, but the concepts should be similar.


Thanks a lot Bobby :slight_smile:
Now i’m using a dynamic web project with vaadin plugin, an ejb project with Dali plugin and for the persistance, i use JPA with eclipselink implementation.
I deploy my .ear application in jboss. I think that your post will be helpfull for me.

I hope it helps. One wrinkle: I just noticed that all the file links in my old blog are broken because Oracle changed everything from sun.com to oracle.com, but all my links point to the old site. So if you’re trying to access any files and get a 404, just change sun to oracle and try again.