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The Best Slow Cookers

Slow cookers are currently the must-have household appliance in most modern families today due to their many advantages. We have plenty of choices from different brands and models as well as a wide range of functions and prices. Deciding on which is the right one for your kitchen depends on what you plan to use it for and how much you want to pay for it.

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What are the basic features of a slow cooker?

To find the most suitable appliance people will think first about convenience. The best slow cooker should be a machine that provides food cooked from many methods, especially convenient and healthy cuisine. Even when you intend to have an outdoor party, it should be portable enough to fit that purpose. However, this is not the key feature you should focus on as a slow cooker will not be used outdoors most of the time. The portability of a slow cooker is just another feature you should add to your priority list after the other features. If you are sure that your slow cooker will spend most of its time on your kitchen counter, consider investing in high quality food ingredients so that you will have healthy, flavorful meals. The heating method is the basic feature to ensure the quality of cooked food. The best slow cookers will maintain suitable temperatures to ensure that your food will be cooked slowly and evenly without being burned.

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The next feature to consider is shape and design. You will see that a standard slow cooker has an oval or round shape. People often select the size and shape that will fit their cabinet because it does not usually affect food quality. Size and shape really only depends on style and personal preference.

The price increases with additional features; therefore, some people consider a cooker without unnecessary functions because they just need the basic function that a slow cooker provides. Others prefer many added features for cooking purposes such as searing, browning, sautéing, etc. So it depends on the person’s needs and expectations in the kitchen.

How much is a slow cooker?

Beside its functionality and features, people also consider the price tag. Most slow cooker brands offer the same basic features but their price tag can vary. However, as we see, the average model is usually priced at $50-$100. Above that price, your slow cooker will have additional features, components, and more advanced performance or design.

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We’ve spared a bit of time to share with you our general research to let you know the very best points to find the best products before selecting a slow cooker for your own kitchen.


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