8.1.3 Grid.select() -> no visual v-grid-row-selected

after adding an item to the SQL db
I call

it works fire, callbacks are triggered and all.
but there is no visual selection of the grid row (v-grid-row-selected )…
how can I fully emulate the user left click on this new row ??


Sounds like that might be a bug. If you have a reproducible example, I’d recommend filing a bug ticket at


I realy wasn’t sure, read related vaadin sources, and then …

select partialy works because :
my Dataprovider is a CallbackDataProvider, which creates new object on refresh (through SQL request)
thus eventObject.equals(newDataProviderObject) does not work !!!

from com.vaadin.data.provider.DataProvider#refreshItem(T item)

“For this to work properly, the item must either implement #equals(Object) and #hashCode() to consider both the old and the new item instances to be equal, or alternatively getId(Object) should be implemented to return an appropriate identifier.”

I’ve chosen to @Override getId(Object).