7.4 new Grid support for "select all rows"

Does the grid support select/deselect all feature? By analyzing the code of 7.4.0.beta1 version I see something related to this feature, but don’t know how to see the UI.

BTW, Grid is great, I’m telling from the perspective of the Table component, which was good also, but the performance on client side was a horror. I’m still learning to use it, and can not find any manual or quick intro with basic concepts or examples of functionality.

is supported by the multiselection implementation but there doesn’t seem to be a shortcut method for it. The following should work given that the selection mode is set to multiselect first:

((SelectionModel.Multi) getSelectionModel()).selectAll();

try to use grid.setSelectionModel(new Grid.MultiSelectionModel()) multi checkbox must appear in header of a grid