7.4.2 Table: Maintain Current Record Highlighter

I have a table with data from a database.
Above the table are some buttons that cause action on the data.
After the action, the table is re-loaded.
As a result, the ‘Record Highlighter’ is no longer showing.

I would like to make the ‘Record Highlighter’ reappear on the record. (I have the Primary Key).

How do I position the ‘Record Highlighter’ on the record I want it to appear on?
Or put another way, how do I ‘Set’ the current record and cause the Record Highlighter to move to that record ?

. . . .
When the code below runs, the item does have stuff in the table.
The oItem is sent back. and is used like this : shippingList.tbl_ShipList.select(oItem);
. . .
But the record selector visual on the table (and also the current record in the table) are not changed.

. . .

    for(Iterator it = shippingList.tbl_ShipList.getItemIds().iterator(); it.hasNext();){
        Object   oItem  =  it.next();
        Item     item   = container_ShipList.getItem(oItem);                      
        String   sID    = item.getItemProperty("ID").getValue().toString().trim();

        if (sID.equals(sCurrentRecordID)){
            return oItem;