400 (Bad Request) Error on to long url from vaadinBootstrap.js?


What I am trying to do

I am trying to access the HTML5-LocalStorage and send the data to the server (servlet/service) to be used when a BROWSER_DETAILS request is made. (Why: I´ve stored some session data on the client-side which I would like to use).

How have I done this:

By modifying the vaadinBootstrap.js file to read and add the contents of the localStorage to the URL I´ve been able to successfully access the needed data at server side through the request parameters.


When the data in the localStorage exceeds 7700+ characters and is sent as a POST to the server the server throws a 400 (Bad Request) error. After a bit of research I´ve concluded that the problem is not in Vaadin but in the configuration of the Tomcat Server. I´ve tried to configure the tomcat by modifying the server.xml to disable the restrictions regarding POST size (maxPostSize) as described in the Tomcat HTTP Connector documentation

The problem is that it has not made any difference and I am starting to doubt my ability to configure the tomcat server correctly or if the problem is in the configuration at all…

I am fairly new to both Vaadin and Tomcat and would appreciate any help and ideas to where I could start to look for a possible culprit for the 400 (Bad Request) error.

I´m working on a Mac with Eclipse, Vaadin 7.1 and Tomcat 7+. I´ve tried to search for a better explanation for why the 400 (Bad Request) error is thrown through debugging (both client-, and server side) and through the Tomcat log but haven´t really found anything useful. Are there some flags that could be set or some special logs that could be read to get more information on the error?

Regards and Thanks,