3D charts ?

I’m investigating the feasibility of 3D charting for a web application. I’m including two examples in this post.

The first example is an isometric projection. Important to note is that the user should be able to rotate, select & zoom. The second is bit special - engineering mainly - but I’m wondering whether somebody has a solution for it.

Is this possible in Vaadin ?

Vaadin Directory
has currently several charting add-ons, but I’m not sure if they have any relevant 3D charts.

If you find a third-party 3D charting library for web, you could wrap a Vaadin widget around it. As you can see in Directory, it’s a common solution.

I believe there are many Java 3D plotting libraries. You can use them in the Vaadin app with a StreamResource that serves the images to an Embedded component. For example, Mathematica has J/Link and MathLink which allows calling Mathematica directly from Java apps, and you can get images directly through the API.

If your favourite plotting app doesn’t have a Java API, but allows piped input and output, you could make a StreamResource that relays the pipes to Embedded images. I believe that could be done very easily with Gnuplot at least (I’ve done that in C++). Well, outputting to a temporary file could be even easier, though not as nice.

I guess what you want is rotating the graphs in real time on the browser etc. Server based solutions are not really good for this, so I would consider developing a wrapper for some suitable JavaScript library such as
(using WebGL) or
(using Canvas).

It is some work to develop such a wrapper, but you can get a fast and responsive UI that does exactly what you want.

Hi there,
a bit late, I know, but is it possible to check the rotating speed i.e. of http://demo.vaadin.com/charts/#Basic3DScatter?

Or better is it possible at all?