23.2 with Vite - Red Background

Since 23.2 My project has a full screen red background. Similar to when Vite throws an error, but there is no error in the command line, the application works otherwise fine. In the JS console there are no errors either…

Is there some way to figure out what the actual problem is, or somehow disable this red background-color style?


Do you find ”background-color: red” somewhere in your project?

No, the color comes from the new vite backend, probably the error reporting

If I switch to webpack in the experimental settings, it’s back to normal

How do you know that it comes from error reporting?

because the red color appears a few seconds after the compilation

when also the error text appears (when there was one, previously)

And as I said, it doesn’t appear when using webpack

One case could be if somebody imports a css file that is meant to use inside a web component but it is instead applied to the whole document

you’re right

it’s in camera.css

and camera.css is imported via

@CssImport(value = “./styles/camera.css”, themeFor = “photo-camera”)

but why is it running in all views now

and previously not

Hm but that should not be everywhere unless there is some :bug:


tbh I think that red color was just in there previously to make sure the css was loaded properly. I can remove it. But still weird it’s applied in all view and not just that one component