23.2 Tabs issue

In one of my applications I do the tab switch like this:

private void switchTab() {
tabMap.values().forEach(tab -> tab.setVisible(false));
        toolbarMap.values().forEach(toscaToolbar -> toscaToolbar.setVisible(false));

Component activeTab = tabMap.get(tabs.getSelectedTab());
if (activeTab != null) {

With Vaadin before 23.2 this works fine.

BUT with 23.2 this only works in development mode!

In production mode the content are not hidden with setVisible(false)

https://github.com/vaadin/flow/issues/14453 :x

Wow! And this was not found during the tests before releasing 23.2.0 :scream:

It was, but wasn’t fixed in time :grimacing:

Issue was re-evaluted and commented by Leif. Should be fixed soonish

I didn’t know it was not an issue in v23.1. I thought it was from v23.0 with the changes of vaadin icon.

@adaptable-uakari are you using something else than Lumo because it seems Lumo includes the styles needed for setVisible to work…

No just Lumo.

Yeah ok, even more interesting issue then

I fixed it with the workaround mentioned in the issue

Yep, the fix is clear. What was unclear was why all tests passed but now it is also clear why that happened. Now they will properly fail