Error bars can be used to indicate error or uncertainty in measurements.


bower install --save vaadin-charts


  • Dynamic data

    Data is automatically loaded from the server on demand. After loading, you can change data on the server at any time - the visualization just updates with an animation.

  • Multiple axes

    Compare different variables by assigning a different X or Y-axis for each series. All options can be set independently for each series.

  • Zooming

    Charts allow zooming both over X and Y-axis to easily allow users to dive into the details of your data. The special timeline chart supports lazy loading from a massive time-based dataset while zooming.

  • Drill down

    You can listen to user click events for every part of the charts or show additional information on what is under the mouse cursor. Build drill down functionality specific to your application easily right from within the visualization.

  • Smart time

    Intelligent handling of time axis. The placement of the tick-marks is automatically optimized to mark the start of the month or the week, midnight and midday, or every full hour to make your data more readable.

  • Branding

    Choose one of the included beautiful chart themes or build a custom theme matched to your company branding. Add a bit of wow to your application with the animated visualizations.