Starting a Project

Vaadin Start gives you options to start creating an application with Vaadin 14 LTS (Long Term Support) or the latest stable release.

Getting Started with Vaadin Flow

The generated applications feature:

  • A main view with navigation to child views

  • Child views in server-side Java (Flow) or client-side TypeScript (Fusion)

  • Building with Maven

  • Running with Spring Boot embedded server

You can build Fusion (TypeScript) views in Vaadin 15 and later.

The builder shows the tools to build the views on the left and the application UI preview on the right.

Customizing the application with the builder

With Vaadin Start, you can:

  • Configure views and routing from some example views:

    • A dashboard view

    • A master-detail view (requires Pro subscription or trial)

    • Various forms (person, address, credit card)

    • A card view

    • etc.

  • Choose how the views are built

    • Pure Java (Vaadin 14 or later)

    • Java + HTML templates (Vaadin 14 or later)

    • TypeScript + HTML (Vaadin 15 or later)

  • Configure theme customization

    • Light/dark mode, palette, fonts, style details, size, spacing, etc.

  • Download the customized application

Importing the Application

After downloading the package and uncompressing it, you are now ready to import the project in your IDE, as described in subsequent sections.

Please proceed to the instructions for your IDE: